It Gets Me Everytime

December, 14, 2008

I came aross this video a few months back of Kevin Stevens and Brian Trottier heckling Brian Bellows of the then Minnesota North Stars. And I personally think that it's hilarious. You may have to turn the volume up a little the audio is a little low since its taken on ice from an... More.

Bing Scores Some Free Hats

December, 1, 2008

4   1 Yeah Yeah I know I'm a little late on this recap, well being that I got the bar version of the game the other night I can't tell you what all happened because I was busy checking out the scenery for most of the night and only ca... More.

Meet the New Alternates

December, 2, 2008

  According to the Penguins website Jordan Staal and Matt Cooke have been named this months Alternate Captains. This will keep up with Therrien's plan to have two new Alternates every month during the regular season. In other news in research published in Sports Business Journal by T... More.

Game Day Pens vs Rangers 12/03/08

December, 4, 2008

The Penguins take on the New York Rangers tonight in Madison Square Garden @ 7:00pm. Tonight's projected lines are forwards Talbot-Crosby-Satan, Fedotenko-Malkin-Sykora, Cooke-Staal-Kennedy, Dupuis-Zigomanis-Godard defensive pairings of Orpik-Letang, Gil... More.

Dallas Teams Really Attract Some Classy Players

December, 3, 2008

As you may have heard Sean Avery the idiot that he is made some remarks yesterday that the NHL deemed detrimental to the League or game of hockey and suspended his ass indefinitely or at least until Avery meets with Bettman on December 10th. I was looking around for a video of this because I never ... More.

Pens Suck Wind Lose Again

December, 4, 2008

2   3 I don't know why but I had a feeling this loss was on its way towards the end of the second after I watched the Pens fail to capitalize on some key scoring chances in the first half of the game. The game started off with God get... More.

Game Day Pens vs Hurricanes 12/04/08

December, 4, 2008

The Penguins take on the Carolina Hurricanes tonight @ 7:00pm. Since there was no morning skate today. All I can tell you is that Tyler Kennedy is out and Mike Zigomanis is probable, but Janne Pesonen and Chris Minard have been called up just in case. ... More.

Petr Gunn Buries it for the Pens

December, 5, 2008

5   2 The Penguins rather anemic powerplay came to life last night as Petr Sykora tickled the twine twice on the PP to rack up his 100th powerplay point, Bing tallied 4 assists which brings him to 39 points on the season which is 2 be... More.

Another Great Day for Hockey

December, 5, 2008

The Penguins released a new "Great Day For Hockey" video today and this one is updated with a lot of this seasons highligts check it out. ... More.

All Star Voting Update

December, 5, 2008

Crosby is starting to take a commanding lead over the Canadien chumps and Geno is still closing in on gettting into the starting lineup. I don't know if Fleury is going to make it as the starter though Carey Price's votes are starting to sky rocket he is almost up by 200,000 votes now. Thanks to a ... More.

Game Day Pens vs Sens 12/6/08

December, 6, 2008

The Penguins go into Ottwah tonight to take on the Senators who changed their first line around creating the Pizza Line what a joke. The line consists of their whole team Heatley-Spezza-Alfredsson way to go idiots. This will be the first time the two tea... More.

Pens Nation Now on MySpace

December, 6, 2008

So I finally caved and created a MySpace page for Pens Nation. You can check it out at: . ... More.

Spezza Carries Senators Past Penguins

December, 6, 2008

2 3 Jason Spezza powered the Pizza Line and the Ottawa Senators past the Penguins with a hat trick, and of course I benched him today on my fantasy hockey team so unless Eric Staal puts up one hell of a performance tonight I'm never takin... More.

Game Day Pens vs Sabres 12/8/08

December, 8, 2008

The Penguins make a quick trip home tonight to take on the Buffalo Sabres @ 7:30pm inside Mellon Arena. The Penguins are coming off a tough fought loss to the Senators and are looking to come out early and bounce back. The projected lines for tonight's m... More.

Pens Blow Lead Again

December, 9, 2008

3   4 The Penguins came out flying in this one with two hook-ups from Malkin to Fedotenko which made the score 2-1. But, the same story we have been used to all seasone, the Penguins were up 3 goals to 1 on the Sabres and were dominat... More.

Game Day Penguins vs Devils 12/10/08

December, 10, 2008

The Penguins go into the Dirty Jerz tonight to take on the Devils. The last time these two teams met the Pens put a whooping on those boys, and it looks like tonight might be more of the same with New Jersey's all star goalie Brodeur still on the shelf after surgery. The Penguins projected... More.

Penguins Lose to the Refs in Dirty Jerz

December, 15, 2008

1 4 If that game wasn't fixed then I don't know what was. Hey ref are you pregnant because you missed 2 fricken periods. Maybe the Devils would have won 2-1 I don't know because I turned that shit show off in the third after the ref stood... More.

Game Day Pens vs Islanders 12/11/08

December, 12, 2008

  The Penguins come home tonight to host the New York Islanders where the Penguins look to stop their skid and pick up a win after losing 3 straight games against the Senators on Saturday, the Sabres on Monday and the Devils last night. Phillipe Boucher will be making his return to the ... More.

Free Hat Night at the Igloo

December, 15, 2008

9   2 I hope you didn't miss that one, because it was one hell of a game for the Pens atleast. Petr Sykora and Pascal Dupuis both recorded their first career hat tricks during the game something no Penguin has done since Mario Lemieux... More.

Game Day Pens vs Flyers 12/13/08

December, 13, 2008

The Pens go into Philthadelphia today @ 1:00pm to take on the much hated Flyers who have been on a roll as of late an are nipping at the heels of the Penguins in the standings. This is the third game of the season series with Pittsburgh winning the previous 2 games. Number one goalie Marc-... More.

Pens Struggle on Penalty Kill

December, 15, 2008

3 6 The Pens were coming off a great blow out win over the Islanders and were asleep at the wheel in this game and past the cost at the end of the game. The Flyers were 4-6 on the powerplay and the Pens were a lowly 1-5. 1st Period ... More.

10 Rounds with the God of Thunder Part 1

December, 16, 2008

Eric Godard has come to the Penguins in the offseason as a free agent to replace the recently departed Georges Laraque and he has done quite the job of being an enforcer on the ice protecting the likes of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin as well as anyone else on the team some idiot tries to bully. ... More.

10 Rounds with the God of Thunder Part 2

December, 17, 2008

Here is Part 2 of 10 Rounds with the God of Thunder, this includes the fightd from November and December. Nov 06, 2008 vs. Steve MacIntyre of the Edmonton Oilers - Win Nov 26, 2008 vs. Mitch Fritz of the New York Islanders - Win Dec 03, 2008 vs.... More.

Welcome to Consol Energy Center

December, 16, 2008

The new Penguins Arena finally has a name, Consol Energy Center and it will be like that for atleast the next 21 years as Consol Energy holds the naming rights for that long. So you will now have to put up with that dumb commercial at the beginning of every game for awhile, I know they play the Con... More.

The Two-Headed Monster

December, 17, 2008

As of last night's game Evgeni Malkin(49) and Sidney Crosby(44) are still 1 & 2 in the points lead even though they haven't played since Saturday. Their only competition right now looks to be that guy from the Washington Capitals Alex Ovechikin whom has 42 points up to this point which I wou... More.

I Think Your Girlfriend is a Little Mad at You

December, 17, 2008

I found this interesting article over on Deadspin about some girl who has a problem with her boyfriend and his obsession with the Pittsburgh Penguins. It's a letter that a woman sent into advice columnist Margo Howard. DEAR MARGO: I have been dating a guy for two years, and when we met,... More.

Game Day Penguins vs Thrashers 12/18/08

December, 18, 2008

Wow it seems like it has been an eternity since the last Penguins gameday well only 4 days but who's counting. The Pens are coming off a couple days of rest and practice which was scarce during the 7 games in 10 stretch the team pulled at the begining of December which they came out of wit... More.

Welcome Back MAF

December, 19, 2008

6   3 The Penguins came into the game after some time off after a little skid during the long streak of games. This game was also Fleury's first game back in net after missing some time with a groin injury. 1st Period The game ... More.

Pens Crap the Bed, Leafs Win

December, 21, 2008

3   7 The Penguins came home to take on the Maple Leafs looking to make it two in a row after laying the smackdown to Atlanta on Thursday night. I missed the game last night and I'm pretty glad I did after the show that was put on las... More.

Game Day Penguins vs Sabres 12/22/08

December, 22, 2008

The Pens go on the road tonight and I mean literally on the road they took a bus to tonights game in Buffalo. They will be looking to regroup after their horrible performance on Saturday night in which they were whipped by the Maple Leafs like they were a minor league team. The Sabres hav... More.

Sid Vicious

December, 22, 2008

Apparently Sidney Crosby is some type of bad ass and people aren't too happy about it. The other night in Atlanta during the scuffle towards the end of the first period Crosby threw a few "Illegal Blows" on a defenseless Boris Valabik. And in my opinion who cares it's hockey get over it, what about... More.

Penguins Bunt In A Win

December, 22, 2008

4   3 The Penguins went to Buffalo to take on the Sabres and it didn't start off good for then Penguins as the Sabres scored in the first minute of the game. The Pens remained rather flat throughout the first period and began to pick ... More.

Game Day Penguins vs Lightning 12/23/08

December, 23, 2008

The Penguins come home after an incredible come from behind win last night to take on the hapless Tampa Bay Lighting inside Mellon Arena @ the 7:30pm hour. This will be the first meeting between the two teams this season and the first visit back to the igloo since game 6 of the Stanley Cu... More.

Pens Lose, Tampa Bay Still Sucks

December, 24, 2008

0   2 You actually thought I was going to recap this game. What a joke. Tampa Bay is so bad they couldn't score on an empty net they missed it like 6 times. How do you get shutout by the worst team in the NHL, Fleury kept the Pens in ... More.

Merry Christmas From Pens Nation

December, 25, 2008

We here at Pens Nation would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holidays. And as a little treat for you the Penguins have a message as well. ... More.

Game Day Penguins vs Devils 12/26/08

December, 26, 2008

The inconsistent Penguins goto Jersey tonight to take on the Devils @ 7:00pm. The Pens are looking to regroup after the disapointing loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Monday night in which they produced little to no offense being shutout 2-0 and were only allowed 15 shots by a team that ran... More.

Sid Punk of the NHL

December, 26, 2008

As a follow up to the Sid Vicious story from earlier in the week, while I was over at the Bleacher Report I came across an article about the same situation from the game against the Atlanta Thrashers in which Crosby appeared to deliver a few low blows in the midst of a scuff. I'm not goin... More.

MAF Pitches a No-Hitter

December, 26, 2008

1   0 The Penguins went into New Jersey after a little 2 day vacation for the Christmas holiday looking for a win to help right the ship. And righ the ship they did there was not much offense to be had in this game, but the Penguins p... More.

Game Day Penguins vs Canadiens 12/27/08

December, 27, 2008

The Penguins come home tonight to take on the Montreal Canadiens @ 7:00pm inside the Igloo for another back-to-back game and the second this week. The Pens are coming off a huge shutout win against the New Jersey Devils and are looking to put and end to their losing ways and start a multi... More.

Penguins Can’t Beat the Price

December, 28, 2008

2   3 The Penguins came home last night to take on the Montreal Canadiens in hopes of a win and a boost ahead of the Canadiens in the standings. They came out and played an incredible game minus the lack of defense on the 2 of the 3 goals s... More.

Game Day Penguins vs Bruins 12/30/08

December, 30, 2008

The Penguins take on the Bruins tonight whom are currently dominating the rest of the NHL. This will be the second time the two teams meet this season with the Penguins picking up the W in the first meeting in a shootout. The U.S.S Hal Gill will be in the lineup and the Pens will also be d... More.

Fleury and Price fight it out for All Star Starting job

December, 31, 2008

 ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚  Pittsburgh Penguins netminder Marc Andre-Fleury and Montreal Canadiens netminder Carey Price will fight it out for the final days of the all star vote for the starting role in the All star game. Having already received more votes than any goaltenders in... More.