GameDay #77 Devils

April, 1, 2009

It's GameDay better late than never, I had been caught up this morning fullfilling my civic duty as an American so there was no time for me to do a game day earlier. The Penguins will take on Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils tonight at 7:30pm for the final game of this long homestand.... More.

Who's this Brodeur Guy you Speak of

April, 2, 2009

6   1 The Penguins did what they had to do last night and made the Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur look like a joke as they handed the Devils their 6th straight loss and moved into a tie with Philly for 4th place. The Penguins got on the board f... More.

GameDay #78 Hurricanes

April, 4, 2009

The Penguins go on the road tonight to take on the Carolina Hurricanes @ 7:00pm. This is a pretty big matchup in the Eastern Conference playoff standings as the Hurricanes are currently 1-point ahead of the Pens in the East. A win tonight would go a long way giving the Pens the continued mome... More.

It's the Tyler Kennedy Show

April, 5, 2009

2   3 Last nights game may have had big implications on the playoff seeding by moving the Hurricanes 2-points ahead of the Penguins and into full control of fifth place. Even though the Penguins picked up a point last night they stiil need to gat... More.

GameDay #79 Panthers

April, 5, 2009

The Penguins continue the final stretch of the regular season with a game against the Florida Panthers at 5:00pm tonight. A win here may clinch a playoff spot for the Penguins but they would most likely need to win one of the remaing 3, but I'm not positive on the math since I am yet to look ... More.

Don't Make Your Playoff Plans Just Yet

April, 6, 2009

2   4 The Penguins once again had the chance to clinch a playoff spot yesterday and once again came up short in a loss to the Florida Panthers. I have a recap coming here somewhere later on in the day, I'm running a little behind after this weeke... More.

GameDay #80 Lightining

April, 7, 2009

The Penguins take on the Tampa Bay Lightining tonight @ 7:30pm in a should win game to get them into the playoffs. The Penguins are looking to rebound after coming off their worst 2 game performance in the Dan Bylsma era. The projected lines for tonights game are: Forwards Kunitz-Crosby... More.

Playoffs Here we Come

April, 8, 2009

6   4 Well besides being the Pittsburgh's laziest blogger right now I did manage to catch most of the game last night. However since I have been soo busy between then and now I was unable to write a recap or attempt some sort of debauchery that ... More.

GameDay #81 Islanders

April, 9, 2009

The Penguins take on the Islanders in about an hour for the final home game of the regular season. There is not much to say about tonights game but the fact that Garon and Boucher will be playing in tonight's game in place of Marc-Andre Fleury and Hal Gill. The rest of the projected lines are... More.

It’s Like Taking Candy from a Baby

April, 10, 2009

6   1 The Penguins took it to the New York Islanders last night and made it look easy. Minus the first couple minutes of the game they were able to make the Isles look like a minot league team with the way they manhandled them throughout... More.

GameDay #82 Canadiens

April, 11, 2009

It's here folks the final game of the regular season. The puck drops at 7pm tonight as the Penguins take on the Montreal Canadiens. Since both teams are in the playoffs tonights game has positioning implications as a win for the Pens and losses by Philly and Carolina would put them into 4th p... More.

Geno has the “Art” of a Champion

April, 12, 2009

3   1 There isn't much to say about this game except the Penguins made the Canadiens look like a high school team. Geno sealed up the Art Ross trophy to put him into an elite list of Pittsburgh Penguins. There is no need to write a recap for thi... More.

Malkin for MVP

April, 12, 2009

Well now that the regular season is over and the Penguins are in the Playoffs the campaign for MVP has begun as if it hasn't been on going recently here in Pittsburgh. To get things started here is another video on Burghability from the guys over at . ... More.

Welcome to the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

April, 13, 2009

In case you didn't already the Penguins are in the playoffs. And they will start the festivities this Wednesday at 7:00 pm against cross state rivals the Philadelphia Flyers. At first I was a little up in the air about facing the Flyers in the opening round, but after watching the ... More.

GameDay Playoff Edition Game #1 Flyers

April, 15, 2009

The Playoffs start tonight as the Penguins take on the Flyers @ 7:00pm inside Mellon Arena. The Penguins steam rolled into the playoffs while the Flyers kind of backed in giving up the 4th seed and home ice advantage in the process. Tonight's game will be big in telling how this series will p... More.

Penguins Draw First Blood

April, 16, 2009

4   1 The Penguins and Flyers squared off at the Igloo last night for the first game of the series. It was all Penguins through 3 periods of play. So much so that the Flyers started some goon shenanigans at the end of the game to try and gain any... More.

GameDay Playoff Edition Game #2 Flyers

April, 17, 2009

The Penguins take on the Flyers tonight @ 7:00pm and are looking to go up 2-0 in the series. We will most likely be attending tonights festivities in some fashion whether it be the game itself or the big screen outside so we will have plenty of action to provide during and after the game. The... More.

Flower Power Overtakes the Flyers

April, 18, 2009

3   2 Marc-Andre Fleury did what he needed to do last night and that was stand tall and keep the Penguins in the game and give them the chance to win. He wasn't the only Penguins player to have a big night one Bill Guerin netted the first ... More.

GameDay Playoff Edition Game #3 Flyers

April, 19, 2009

The Penguins and Flyers goto Philadelphia today for Game 3 of these Eastern Conference Quarter Finals @ 3:00pm. After game 2 the Penguins can expect nothing but Philly's best in this one as the Flyers try and make this a series today and not go down 3-0 to the Penguins. The have been no lines... More.

The Refs Hand Flyers Game 3 on Silver Platter

April, 20, 2009

3   6 There isn't much to say about yesterday's game against the Flyers that doesn't make me sound like a Flyers fan talking about how much the NHL hates Philly and wants the Penguins to win but in reverse as I would be talking from a Peng... More.

GameDay Playoff Edition Game #4 Flyers

April, 21, 2009

Game 4 between the Penguins and Flyers is tonight @ 7:00pm and the Pens are looking to bounce back and go up 3 games to 1 while the Flyers are looking to tie the series up at 2 games a piece. There isn't much to say about this game except it should be a blood bath, I fully expect Fleury to bo... More.

The Smiling Assasin

April, 22, 2009

3   1 The Penguins played pretty sloppy last night but Marc-Andre Fleury was incredible stopping 44 of 45 shots by the Flyers and the only goal he allowed was because Lupul crashed the net and Flower could not get back to his feet in time t... More.

GameDay Playoff Edition Game #5 Flyers

April, 23, 2009

The Penguins come home to take on the Flyers in game 5 of these Eastern Conference quarter finals. The Pens will be looking to close out the series tonight but they know it will not be easy if they play the way they did on Tuesday night, because you can't rely on your goaltender to make 45 sa... More.

This Just In...

April, 23, 2009

It is being reported by the Penguins website that Miroslav Satan will be in the lineup for tonight's game in place of Petr Sykora. Also in related news defenseman Kris Letang is a game time decision, there is no word on the reason why. I will keep this updated as more information becomes ava... More.

Penguins Were Robbed

April, 24, 2009

0   3 I'm not one to sit here and complain about the way a game played out or how it was officiated, ok maybe I am. There is no way you can tell me that wasn't a goal by Malkin or how about the one Biron pushed out with his pad before anyone noti... More.

Lessons in Burghability

April, 24, 2009

While I still ponder as to whether or not I should believe FSN on their lighting striking the building excuse in Altanta, seems kind of suspect to me but who knows they were on DVE this morning apologizing to the fans of Pittsburgh for the mishap. This is the second time this season FSN maybe you n... More.

They Call Him Rocky Talbot

April, 26, 2009

5   3 Even though I was out of town over the weekend I still managed to see the game since it was broadcast nationally on that anti-penguins network and I have to say it was an incredible game even though the Penguins seemed to struggle early on ... More.

Pens Give Disco Dan Multi-Year Deal

April, 28, 2009

The Pittsburgh Penguins have given Dan Bylsma a multi-year deal to stay as the Head Coach of the Penguins. “Dan has impressed us all with his knowledge of the game, his relentless work ethic, his communication skills, and his ability to relate to the players and staff,” Shero ... More.

Pens Draw Caps in Round 2

April, 29, 2009

There were two game 7's last night and as far as the Penguins are concerned they will be facing the Washington Capitals after the Rangers failed to close the series after going up 3 games to 1. I particularly like this matchup because of the Capitals goaltending situation, I don't think that... More.

The Votes Are In

April, 30, 2009

The votes are in and the three finalists for the Hart troophy are Evgeni Malkin, Alexander Ovechkin, and Pavel Datsyuk. Since the voting has already taken place the MVP has already been chosen and now we just have to wait until the awards in June to find out who the winner is. In all likeliho... More.