It all Starts Now

October, 2, 2009

The 2009-2010 season is upon us. The Penguins open Mellon Arena one last time tonight with a game against the New York Rangers. Tonight's game will be an extravaganza as the Pens celebrate the Stanley Cup championship one final time as the Pens raise the banner and will have a fireworks di... More.

Pens Take 2 in a Row to Open the Season

October, 4, 2009

3 2 The Penguins opened the season on Friday night at home against the New York Rangers and didn't disappoint on the night in which the Pens capped off a summer with Stanley. The Pens came out victorious by a score of 3-2 over the Rangers. ... More.

What a Difference 24 Hours Makes

October, 9, 2009

5   4 In one day the Penguins went from playing a game against the Coyotes that almost looked as if they were still in the preseason to a game against the Flyers that almost matched the intensity of a playoff game. In the game against the Coyotes... More.

Exactly How Not to Win Games

October, 9, 2009

I was doing a little digging around on YouTube and came across of video of Coburns goal in his own net. ... More.

Hey There’s a Game Tonight

October, 14, 2009

The Penguins round out their road trip tonight with a game against the Bill Cowher Hurricanes, and it looks as if I'm going to be missing my third straight game due to dek hockey playoffs tonight. I will try and get some sort of recap or not since my recaps are pretty shitty when I actually watch t... More.

Flower Power

October, 18, 2009

4   1 I didn't see much of last nights game but from what I did see Marc-Andre Fleury was playing at the top of his game to help the Penguins to victory and move his record this season to 7-0 and the Pens to 7-1. The Lightning were on the power p... More.

Pens Host St. Louis Tonight

October, 20, 2009

Not sure what game day this is, I kinda lost track at 2 but anyhow the Pens are hosting the St. Louis Blues tonight who come into this game boasting an astonishing 3-2-1 record in the west. Let us hope the Pens don't come out and treat this the same way they did when the played the Coyotes 2 weeks ... More.

Penguins Roll Over the Blues

October, 21, 2009

5   1 The St. Louis Blues came to town last night and were dished a whopping by the Penguins. It took almost the entire first period to start the scoring but it was only a matter of time before the Pens built a 4-0 lead halfway through the second... More.

Gonchar Out a Month?

October, 21, 2009

According to my favorite sports writer Rob Rossi, Penguins defenseman Sergei Gonchar has a broken bone near his hand or wrist and could be out of the line up for at least a month. The team plans to re-evaluate Gonchar today to determine the seriousness of the injury and its precise location. Gonch ... More.

Crosby Slays the Panthers

October, 24, 2009

3   2 Sid does what Sid does last night and put the team on his back and carried them to victory by scoring the teams only 2 goals in the third period to tie the game up at 2, after Florida got an early lead in the 1st, and then after the game we... More.

Crosby Will Carry Olympic Torch

October, 27, 2009

I know I'm a slacker and didn't even mention the game on Saturday, that would be because I was no where around a TV or computer for most of the day but that neither here nor there. But more importantly it has just been reported that Sidney Crosby will carry the Olympic Torch in his home province of... More.

It’s The Sidney Crosby Show

October, 29, 2009

6   1 I don't know if this was the Sidney Crosby show or the Chris Kunitz coming out party, but they both had incredible games. Sid rang up a hat trick on the night by scoring three in the opening 2 periods while Kunitz put up 4-pts with 3 assist... More.

Malkin Out 2 - 3 Weeks

October, 29, 2009

Dan Bylsma dropped a bomb during his press conference today, Malkin will not be making any milkshakes for the next 2 to 3 weeks whil he nurses a shoulder strain. This is only being taken as a precautionary measure to ensure that here is not any further injury to the shoulder. pos... More.