Around the Boards 9-14-10

by: The PensNation Staff

Around the Boards

The league hit the Devils with some sanctions yesterday because of their attempt to circumvent the cap with the Kovalchuck deal. Personally I think the NHL is correct in doing so, because until there are consequences to this teams are going to try every year to see how close they can get without going past that line. To be fair the leauge should hit other teams that have done the same thing in the past years like the deals in Chicago with the Hossa deal, Philly with Pronger, and we could even say Detroit with Zetterberg.


The Oilers have told Defenseman Sheldon Souray he is not welcome at camp this year admist rumours that he had softened his stance on being traded and was going to show up for the start of training camp. Is Edmonton retarded what are they gaining by not letting on of their better players if not their best show up and contribute to another lack luster season.

I found this killer video tribute to Crosby on the YouTube today check it out. Even though the creator is a Hawks fan the video is still sweet.

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