Around the Boards 9-25-10

by: The PensNation Staff

Around the Boards

Been away from the site for a few days, but the Pens have been dominant thus far in the preseason 10 goals in 2 games not that I have seen any games because preseason hockey is not tv worthy. Which I don't understand because the other 3 have televised preseason games in their market. A Pirates fan I am, but I would rather see the Pens win a preseason game than see the Buccos lose game 100 on the season on FSN or anyother Pittsburgh channel.

I'm a little late to the party but the Pens and Crapitals will be in an HBO series leading up to this years Winter Classic, and all Fleury wants to know is if they are allowed to swear.

The New York Rangers waived defenseman Wade Redden this morning.

Nick Boyton of the Chicago Blackhawks has been suspended for the Hawks opening game for the throat slashing gesture he towards Blair Jones on Wednesday. Still no word if Brooks will receive any punishment for his hit during the Red Wings game.

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