Fire Everyone, Trade Everybody

by: The PensNation Staff

After every major loss the Pens have much like the one to Philly on Wednesday the rants pour onto the internet about who's fault it is who needs to be benched and who needs to get the ax. We all do this in a sense, like just the other day I said that while I think Byslma is a good coach his in game adjustments are just terrible I don't know if it's because he is stubborn and doesn't want to change his gameplan or what, but in no way did anyone here say fire the guy. Prime example of why was he playing you rewind a couple weeks and people were talking that Fleury should be benched in favor of Vokoun and then fast forward to Wednesday's game and these same people want to know why he was playing. While we don't know everything that goes behind a decision there are a few things we do, it was his turn in the rotation he was actually past due for a start because Flower was riding that streak and while he looked shaky at times Wednesday, all the goals were not his fault, the defense was playing overly aggressive and how do you stop a puck when there are 8 people laying in the crease not to mention one of those I'm looking at you Kris Letang was actually in the net, and yeah maybe he should have been pulled in favor of Flower but who's to know if that would have made any difference in the game.  I guess what we are trying to say here is that if there was really that much of a problem with the personnel don't you think Mario and Ray would do something about it? I for one certainly think that if Byslma was that bad of a coach he wouldn't still have a job as head coach of the Penguins.