The Morning Skate: First Place....

by: The PensNation Staff

So, with today's win, the Pens find themselves in first place in the Atlantic Division.

Everybody who knew this would be the case on Tuesday after the ugliness against the Islanders, raise your hand... c'mon, don't be shy...   nobody?  Ok, it's good to be modest.  Anyways, there were some hindsight factors that should've been evident.  Among them...

-If Sidney Crosby is healthy, and playing with this kind of effort, the points are going to keep coming. Promise.

-If fleet-of-foot Ben Lovejoy is your healthy scratch, your defense corps must be fairly solid.

-Does anybody play harder both ways than James Neal?  Even if he doesn't score, he's a plus player. Regardless of stats -- don't think the coaches don't know that.

-Dan.  Still think we'd be better off if he was throwing sticks from the bench and berating players in press conferences?  Didn't think so. He's in control, and knows what he's doing.

-Paul F'ing Martin.  Even though looking at him makes you mad, and he seems to be violently allergic to physical contact, it's hard to keep ignoring how many times he gets in the way of an opposing player's intentions.  This is starting to seem like more than a coincidence.

-It'd be a matter of time before last years leading PP goal scorer got to play his normal position.... and all would be right with the world once it was so.

To summarize: The sky isn't falling, they know what they're doing.  Just relax.... until playoffs, when all this gets thrown out the window.