by: The PensNation Staff

Penguins VS Thrashers
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The Penguins came out like a team possessed in this game in this one, taking it to the Atlanta Thrashers scoring 3 goals two of which came on the powerplay. The only downfall in this game was that the Pens lost Pascal Dupuis and Ruslan Fedotenko to injury during the game.

Penguins Defeat the Thrashers

1st Period

The 'Guins came out on fire in the first period looking for that ever important goal. Colby gets fiesty with Fedotenko, Feds shows him who's the boss and puts Colby down, but hurst his hand on the mellon of Army in the process.

Fedotenko Whos the Boss

Late in the first Pens go on the powerplay and Geno hits Whitney at the point who finds Sykora in front of the net GOAAALLLLLLL!!!!! Pens up 1-0.

2nd Period

The second opens up Pens are still going strong keeping the puck in the Thrashers zone Geno finds Sykora lurking in front again hits him up with a scooter special and he buries it to make it a 2-0 lead for the Pens. Only 3 minutes later Pens go on the powerplay again pass the puck around Malkin drops a bomb on the net from the point and Crosby smacks it in for the 3-0 lead

3rd Period

The third started out like 2008 Penguin hockey and sit on the lead and play mostly defense and no offense. Fleury stood tall for the entire game so far and was robbing the Thrashers of some great shots. All was not great though Whitney took a slashing penalty while the Pens were on the PP and once the Thrashers killed the penalty Army did a little dance in front of Flower and Kovalchuk fired one by to put the Thrashers on the board. Flower shut down the net for the night after this and the Pens woke up a little and started to move the puck out of the zone.

Douchebag Makes out with a Carrot at the Penguins game

What a ridiculous looking shirt what the hell is that supposed to be anyway, and since when is your tan supposed to make you look like a carrot. I guess this is what all the cool kids do at the game now when the Pens score.

  • The Anemic Powerplay that was 0-36 in the past couple games was 2-6 tonight
  • Flower was back in playoff form
  • The offense came back to life
  • Fedotenko and Dupuis got hurt so we will have to see what the damage is