No Need to Discount

by: The PensNation Staff

There is no need to discount any of the Pens last 3 wins like a lot of people are. It's not like the Penguins came out and only just barely won any one of these games, they came out and executed their game plan while not 100% perfect they dismantled each team rather handidly. Who cares if each team isn't playing their best hockey this is the NHL we are talking about with a shortened season none the less where every game counts more than the last so it doesn't matter if your opponent gives 50% or 100% a win is a win. As for this goaltender debate that is starting up don't forget what goalie brought you a Stanley Cup in '09. I'm not going to sit here and say Flower is playing his best because he has had his flaws over the past couple years, but if he were to go back to the way he played during the runs in '08 and '09 the Pens could have a lights out goalie combo this year.

Oh and incase you didn't know the Staal's are brothers..