Penguins Give King Suckqvist the Business

by: The PensNation Staff

Penguins VS Rangers
6   2

Even though I missed most of the second half of this game I can still say it was a great game not only because of the way the Penguins continued to exploit Henrik Lundqvist for the joke that he is but for the full 60 minutes of hockey the team played last night. Back to the weakness of Henrik Lundqvist the Penguins continued to exploit it started out in the All Star game when the West All Stars exploited the fact that Lundqvist struggles to stop shots up high and I believe this may doom Henrik and the Rangers if it is not corrected, good news for us Marc-Andre Fleury is still unbelievable. I was going to try and half ass a game recap but I don't think in my mind that I say enough of the game to be able to do so. I will just point ou the major highlights. Right off the bat in the game Eric Godard put Colton Orr in his place by giving him a beatdown.

The Rangers got on the board first but the Penguins were quick to answer with a goal of their own. The game remained a 1-1 tie until the third period. From what I saw the in the second period Fleury stood tall killing a couple dumb Penguins penalties. In the third the Penguins opened up the scoring in the first minute with a goal from Staalzy. When it rains it pours and that is exactly what happened in the third period the Penguins added 2 more goals from Letang and Petr Gunn before the other Staal got one for the Rangers. After this the Pens shut down the Rangers with goals from Crosby and another one from Letang.

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