Penguins Lose More Than Just the Game

by: The PensNation Staff

Penguins VS Capitals
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The Penguins may have lost more than just the game last night. Scuderi went down early after blocking a shot with his face, Mad Max Talbot left early in the third after taking a slapper to the leg, and Crosby gimped off the ice in what looked like great pain late in the third. On a night where the Penguins looked like they were playing some of their best hockey early in the game until the third period when the Capitals torpedo Fleury in the net and the Pens were unable to keep up and get the puck out of the zone. The Pens fell apart in the third I believe because they were unable to keep up with the in game injuries. They were playing most of the game with 5 defensemen and sometimes 4 because Letang was getting beat to hell, Hal Gill took a shot after he took a slashing penalty.

1st Period

The Pens came out like a bat out of hell taking advantage of the momentum from the hige win over Philly the night before. They were able to draw a few penalties early Fleury comes to center ice and poke checks the puck away from Bradley a minute later Malkin drains one on the 5-on-4 and does the Malkin Dance¢â€ž¢.

Evgeni Malkin Celebrates with the Malkin Dance

This was all the scoring excitement for the period as both teams battled hard to get shots on net, the period ended pretty evenly with the Penguins up 1-0.

2nd Period

The period started off quickly as the Caps got on the board quickly with a goal from Kozlov about 1 minute in. Satan answered shortly there later with his 350th career goal... Wait time out he has scored that many goals already where are the goals this year then? Semin ended the scoring for the period with goal off a nice pass that Flower was unable to get a glove on.

3rd Period

Pens are unable to keep up with the injuries and start to fall back, Ovechkin starts a party on the ice dancing and screaming. Talbot leaves early in the frame, Sid follows suit after he gets tripped up and gimps to the bench in visible pain. Caps get some good goals after the Chernobyl meltdown in front of Fleury.

Mushroom Cloud

There is no word on Crosby yet except him saying that he doesn't think he hurt his left knee "too bad", whatever that means the extent of the injuries to Talbot and Scuds are still unclear.