Well That Was Pretty Much Embarassing

by: The PensNation Staff

Penguins VS Flyers
4 7

The score fest that was last night's game against the Flyers turned into a shit show early in the second when the Flyers took a 5-2 goal lead over the Penguins which forced the Pens out of their game if they weren't already there. Speaking of Penguin hockey I haven't seen the Pens dominate any one team recently like they were at the start of the year, maybe this grueling schedule leading up to the Olympics and 2 consecutive short summers are starting to catch up with them. Whatever the case the Penguins have been struggling to keep up with teams that are below them. As for last nights game the Penguins looked pretty good for the most part but the Flyers just wanted the win more than the Pens did.

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