Never Forget...

September, 11, 2011

It has been 10 years since that fateful day in September 2001, and for most of us it seems like it was just yesterday. You could ask almost everyone you know and they could tell you exactly what they were doing at that exact moment they receieved word of what had happened. Everything that happ... More.

We’re Going Camping...

September, 16, 2011

The NHL opened camp this morning and well it's been a news frenzy since. Most notably Sidney Crosby has been cleared for non-contact practice . Not to be outdone by Sid today Geno came back with "I'm Ready ", as in he's ready to put a whooping on those douche bag's in Phi... More.

The Morning Skate: Word Association from the Preseason Games

September, 23, 2011

Malkin=Ready Engellend=Top 6 Lerg=Pure balls Morrow=Beyond his age Harrington=Morrow Staal=Plus McIntyre=Really strong Neal=Seems pouty Dupuis=His hands are as good as ever Kennedy=Right place, right time, as usual Martin=Exciting to watch when his gambles work Love... More.