There is a Hockey God.The Lockout Is Over!

January, 6, 2013

Just rolled out of bed on this cold January morning only to find out that a deal has been reached between the NHL and the NHLPA. Now the days are no longer dark and we need to decide which TV shows the we started watching this past fall to make up for time that would have been spent watching hockey... More.

Breaking News from Benstonium

January, 6, 2013

A special lockout report from Benstonium. ... More.

Details of the new CBA

January, 7, 2013

If you haven't already come across these somewhere else here are a few details of the new CBA. Salary Cap The 2012-13 season will be a transition year — the upper level is set at $60 million with teams allowed to spend up to $70.2 million. In year two, the cap will move to $64.3 mill... More.

Fleury Joking on Letang Going to Russia

January, 7, 2013

Fleury was all jokes today jabbing Kris Letang on his quick trip across the pond to play a whopping 0 games in the KHL. This would have been better had Tim Benz not been heard in the video but what can you do that dude seems to be everywhere. ... More.

Penguins Say Sorry to the Fans

January, 8, 2013

The Penguins released an apology to their fans yesterday about the lockout. I wonder how many other organizations did this yesterday as well. I'm not banking on Boston as being one of them. To our Penguins Fans and Community: We offer our apology. There is nothing we can say to explain... More.

Are the Penguins Winning the PR War

January, 10, 2013

The Penguins have been moving at full speed since Sunday morning to apologize and make up to the fans for what has been a long and almost unnecessary process to finalize a deal to end the lockout. After issuing an apology to all fans the other day the Pens went back on the attack today issuing a... More.

Apparently Fleury Changed his Number

January, 15, 2013

Or the Pens changed it and didn't tell him. I was surfing the the Penguins site this morning and came across this sweet new background with Flower's number being listed as #28. ... More.

We are Only 3 Days Away

January, 16, 2013

Remember when everyone said that when the NHL came back we were going to boycott for every game missed after December 21st or whatever date it was. Well we lied because you better believe come Saturday at 3:00pm our asses are going to be parked in front of the good ole boob tube watching the Pens g... More.

Pens Lose Strait to Isles

January, 18, 2013

What many including Ray Shero thought would happen happened today as the Islanders continued to pillage the waiver pool by picking up now former Penguin Brian Strait. We don't see this as a huge loss because of the ridiculous depth the Pens have at defense but many ask why not Lovejoy, well the... More.

Today is the Day

January, 19, 2013

Today is the day we as hockey fans have been waiting for since the lockout began back in September, today is the day we once again have hockey. And if you aren't already pumped for the game check out this video from Benstonium. Game starts @ 3 today so be there or be square. ... More.

Lupul Makes More then Neal And Still Sucks

January, 20, 2013

The brain trust that is the Toronto Maple Leafs gave one Joffrey Lupul a 5yr extension today for 5.25 per which happens to be about a quarter of a mill more than what the Penguins are paying one James Neal. Shero 1 Maple Leafs 0.... 5 year ext for Lupul. $5.25 average salary. Ltd no-trade. Le... More.

So Far So Good

January, 23, 2013

We are 2 games in and moments away from the drop of the puck for the third game of the season, first at Consol and so far the Penguins look to be a force to be reckoned with. They opened the season in Philly with a bang jumping to a 2 goals to none lead in the first and only allowed an opening tall... More.

What Happened Here

January, 31, 2013

After what was thought to be a promissing start to the season with two consecutive whoopings of the Flyers and the Rangers, the Penguins came out and dropped 3 of the next 4 games against Winnipeg, the Islanders and the Maple Leafs. Most would have thought this was going to be an easy set of games ... More.