The Morning Skate: RIP 2011 Penguins

by: The PensNation Staff

Family.... Friends.... Well-wishers.... Others...... We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of the 2010/2011 Pittsburgh Penguins.  They beat many odds to survive as long as they did, and still appear victorious, which made it all the more difficult to see them meet their untimely demise from a sudden bolt of lightning.

It's all about expections really.  If on October 1st, you were told that Jordan Staal would miss the first half of the season, and Sid and Geno would miss the second half + playoffs, you'd probably take some solace in having a decent draft pick next year.  But no, the chuckers and pluggers played their hearts out, and made us think we had a chance at something.  When realistically, that wasn't true.

When Mark Letestu is your first line center, you might be a redne..... wait, you might not be a contender.

When your 3rd defensive pairing gets 10 minutes of icetime, that's average.  When the same is true, but in a nearly 100 minute game, you might not be a contender.

When a 4th liner is your leading scorer, you might not be a contender.

When your power-play has gone 1-for-31 or so, you might not be a contender.

This list could go on, but these reasons are enough to realize why we shouldn't be disappointed, but appreciative of how far we came.  The fact that we even made the playoffs was a victory.  Tomorrow is going to be brighter, and the core of the team isn't hurt by being a year older.