The 2011 UFA List - Mike Rupp

by: The PensNation Staff

Mike Rupp

Two years ago following the Penguins Stanley Cup run a fellow by the name of Mike Rupp signed with the Penguins as a free agent fresh out of New Jersey. Mike Rupp has been a solid guy for the Penguins in the two seasons he has been here he may not be your perennial 20 goal scorer or anything but he gets shit done. And doesn't let anyone mess with his teammates which is a good thing to have when you have 2 high profile players on your team in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Being primarily a 4th line player Rupper doesn't see as much ice time in normal 5-on-5 situations but instead gets work in the PK department and coming in when things are starting to get rowdy. We would think re-signing Mike Rupp is a no-brainer for Shero this offseason, but Shero will likely only sign Rupp if the "Price is Right" because of the Penguins salary cap issue and the fact that there are players in the organization that are more than capable of stepping into the NHL to fill a role.

So the question is will Mike Rupp be back next year, we would have to say yes unless there is some un-forseeable circumstance to prevent Rupp or the Penguins from making a deal.

09-10 81 13 6 19 5
10-11 81 9 8 17 -4