The 2011 UFA List: Alexei Kovalev

by: The PensNation Staff

Alexei Kovalev

In February when Ray Shero swung te deal that sent a 7th round pick to Ottawa for right winger Alexei Kovalev it was thought to be a steal by Shero. But things didn't work out so well for Kovy during his second stint with the team, his scoring touch just wasn't there he was playing with a center not up to par with what he may have needed to bring some life back to a career that has since seen better days. Things could have gone a lot better for Kovy during his second stint here in the Burgh but it all would be for not as he failed to convert time and time again when the team needed it most and he never had that chance that we all looked forward to of playing on a line with Sidney Crosby. His 7 points in a 20 game span was not what everyone had anticipated the disappearing act he pulled after Game 1 of the first round playoff series against the Lightning did not help improve his stock in the NHL.

We both agree that Kovalev has played his last game in a Penguins uniform and quite possibly his last in the NHL. The only way he gets picked up by the Penguins or any other team would be if he were to take a significant pay cut from the 5 million he made this past season.

10-11 20 2 5 7 3