The 2011 UFA List: Eric Godard

by: The PensNation Staff

Eric Godard

I don't even know why I am sitting here writing this we all already know the answer here, especially since coming to the Penguins his games dressed each year has declined dramatically each year from 71 in his first season to 19 this past year. Granted he was suspended for some games this year but that doesn't make up for the 26 game drop from the previous season. Eric Godard is a great guy on and off the ice and in the community, not to mention a fantastic dresser, but he pretty much has one role on this team and that is to be the enforcer. A role which has been filled over the past season by the likes of Deryk Engelland and occassionally others on the team that are every day guys and can contribute more to the team than just fighting, which Godard's stock has dropped in as well. We don't know the exact statistics but his bouts have not gone his way too often in recent memory.

It was great while it lasted Eric Godard but even though Ray Shero likes to have that tough guy or enforcer on his roster, your time in Pittsburgh has come to an end and it will be very hard to find any who disagrees on this.

08-09 71 2 2 4 -3
09-10 45 1 2 3 2
10-11 19 0 3 3 4