The 2011 UFA List: Max Talbot

by: The PensNation Staff

Max Talbot, Kris Letang, Matt Cooke

Max Talbot is and forever will be a folk hero here in Pittsburgh, but 2 years removed from his playoffs heroics, the question is now do the Penguins resign him or let him move on to greener pastures. Even with his hero status Talbot is on the what have you done for me lately train as his stock has dropped dramatically since the 2009 playoffs, granted he is a great energy and locker room guy to have around but what does he bring to the team on the ice. At best you can consider a Max a 3rd line guy or a 4th liner at the very least, but with the Penguins current roster does a guy like this fit in. The biggest thing that Talbot brings to the team outside of his personality is his prescence on the penalty kill, but with the potential return of guys like Adams and Rupp, and guys already on the roster for next year like Staal, Cooke, and Michalek to fill roles on the PK does this make Max an expendable part for Ray Shero.

While we both would like to see a guy like Talbot come back next season, we both agree that Talbot will be playing somewhere other than Pittsburgh next year but differ on reasons why, Mike says because he doesn't skate well enough for Dan Bylsma and I say because he will not be willing to take the contract the Penguins will offer him, which we would think would be less than the $1.05 million he made this past season.

05-06 48 5 3 8 -12
06-07 75 13 11 24 -2
07-08 63 12 14 26 8
08-09 75 12 10 22 -9
09-10 45 2 5 7 -9
10-11 82 8 13 21 -3