The 2011 UFA List: Mike Comrie

by: The PensNation Staff

Mike Comrie

Mike Comrie, what can you say besides that everyone thought he was the steal of the summer for Ray Shero when he was signed to a low-risk 1-year deal. Everything seemed to be going great the first couple games he was building a little bit of a rapport with Geno, then the injury bug bit forcing Mr. Comrie to miss significant time 51 games to be exact after undergoing hip surgery. He did come back and play in the final couple games but was very limited and did not see any time during the first round of the playoffs, most likely because of his lack of speed compared to others on the roster. The question of whether or not Shero will take another gamble and give Comrie another shot at redemption is pretty much up in the air, and probably won't see anything until Shero has his roster set and is looking for that 13th forward to fill in. While he is still a far cry from his days as a 30 goal scorer at age 30 he still has something left in that tank that he can contribute to some team in the NHL if not in Pittsburgh.

We both agree that Comrie coming back to Pittsburgh next year is a long shot, because of a few reasons. One his wife wants him on the west coast which Pittsburgh is not and two does he really fit in the Penguins game plan for next year, we shall wait and see one this one my friends.

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