Wheeling and Dealing

by: The PensNation Staff

This week GM Ray Shero was fired up the phones and made a couple of deals to bring Brenden Morrow and Doug Murray to Pittsburgh. For Morrow Shero gave up prospect Joe Morrow, while this may hurt the Pens somewhere down the road in like 4-5 years or it could end up he was a juniors all-star and won't do anything against the bigger guys. If you look at Shero's track record over the past couple of years has there been anyone Shero traded away that actually did anything after leaving Pittsburgh. For Murray Shero gave up a 2nd round pick and a conditional 2nd round for 2014, which for a guy like Murray was a fantastic deal. We think that these were both great deals for the Penguins and once Malkin gets back he may have found that left winger he's been looking for since Sid stole Kunitz back. I imagine that every trade season Shero gets out his iPod and puts on some BTO's Taking Care of Business and calls up every GM and starts with ok this is who I'm going to rob you of this year.